Unity 160,000 CP Post-Mounted Spotlight

UNITY’s THE BEAM® post-mount spotlights offer the convenience and safety of instant aimable light when and where you want it. THE BEAM’s rubber grip interior control handle with fingertip switch provides 360º continuous horizontal rotation and up to 120º of vertical adjustment. THE BEAM is available in both Black and Chrome finishes. All-in-one design allows you to use this spotlight as a search light, alley light, takedown light or a work light.


• Constructed with high-impact ABS plastic
• Rust-proof and has a heavy-duty chrome finish
• Rubberized handles
• Protective shaft and clamps
• Handle rotates lighthead 360° horizontally, 120° vertically
• Light passes all SAE lab tests for warpage, vibration, corrosion, moisture and dust
• Field tested to assure improved performance over the previous models
• Includes on/off switch and installation instructions.
• Mounting Bracket required and sold seperately